Can Therapeutic Massage Treat Sciatica

Sciatica entails pain along the sciatic nerve. It runs and extends along the lower back, the buttocks and the hips and straight down the legs. Sciatica can be a minor problem or relatively severe and it normally affects just one side of your body. This condition can manifest itself through various symptoms such as the frailty of the leg and the foot that has been affected, or even tingling and numbness.

Sciatica is a condition that can hugely affect your normal activities thus rendering walking and even sitting quite unbearable. It is during this point that massage comes in as an alternative or adjunct to the painkillers that you are normally accustomed to. This article looks at the varying benefits of massage for sciatica patients.

Therapeutic Massage for Sciatica

Therapeutic massage is ideal as a mode of pain relief. Various studies have depicted that the massage, deep tissue massage to be precise can aid in the reduction of lower back pain in the same level or magnitude that anti-inflammatory drugs can. The massage is also a great palliative measure, as it helps reduce the pressure on your sciatic nerve by eliminating the tension in the muscles therein. The muscles in your lower back are loosened hence eliminating any instances of irritation or pinching.

Soft tissue massage aids in the stimulation and ultimate production of endorphins thus reducing the level of pain experienced. This results to enhanced wellbeing due to the accompanying muscle relaxation hence subsidizing the amount of pain massively. It is very vital for a sciatica patient to know or identify the kind of therapy suitable for them.

Types of Therapeutic Massage

This part of the article looks at the different types of therapeutic massage.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is very aggressive and it entails strokes and pressure sustained with the use of deep fingers in a bid to alleviate tension and pressure from your tissues and muscles. This kind of massage is ideal if it is done frequently over the course of a week. It could be done around five to six times per week thus aiding to treat sciatica and any other form of lower back pain.

  • Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular massage entails the use of advanced techniques, which involve the use of friction and deep tissue pressure. This helps relieve tension and contracted muscles thus being very beneficial in patients suffering from sciatica.

  • Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses varying kneading movements primarily geared towards ensuring that there is heightened blood flow and that the nerve endings are properly stimulated. This kind of massage is very effective for sciatica patients as it enhances relaxation and it promotes the general or overall release of tensions.

  • Myofascial Release

Myofascial simply refers to the tissue surrounding a muscle. This area is well targeted by a massage to enhance the mobility or motion of the given muscle. This culminates into the easing of the coverings, which surround the given tissue thus relaxing any triggered nerve endings. An experienced therapist duly performs this kind of therapy, making it very effective in the curing of any sciatic pain.


Although therapeutic massage is quite beneficial, it is very crucial to ensure that you consult a doctor prior to employing any of these massage therapies as part of your general treatment. After that consultation, you can find a registered therapist and sign up for several sessions of the therapy per week while effectively tracking your overall progress as you continue.

Sciatica is a very overwhelming condition to deal with. Luckily, therapeutic massage can help ease its symptoms. You can consider implementing the aforementioned techniques, as they have been proven to give very great results as compared to any sort of oral medications. In fact, some medical professionals believe that it is a very easy, safe and simple way of treating sciatic pain. In addition to this, sciatic pain is harmless, making it an incredible way of dealing with sciatic pain.

Despite this, this kind of therapeutic massage may not be able to deal with the underlying cause of sciatica but it may try to accord you the needed relief from the pain. Furthermore, it is good to note that any diagnosis with sciatica ought to be treated with ample caution since any wrong move could potentially make the situation even worse. You should also consider implementing other exercise recommended to you by your therapist or doctor. Doing this will help you to achieve even better and faster results.