Please enjoy the following video testimonials for Massage Club of Wall.

“it was relaxing atmosphere and warm with the heated mat. I enjoyed my massage very much. Thank you again.”

– Enise V

“Kat is consistently outstanding..
Also I bought some gift certificates last year as gifts. The recipient has not use them yet. I think they have expired. I feel bad b/c I wanted to promote massage at G C. Help me out what can I do?”

– Susan M

“Jill was extremely composed and professional. she made me feel very comfortable throughout the massage. It was a great experience overall and I highly recommend her services. The facility was very clean and comfortable. I will definitely be heading back for a tune up!”

– Eric N

“I received a massage from Shaunaly Higgins yesterday and I cannot even tell you how wonderful I still feel. She addressed my problem areas that I suffer with on my back and explained to me in detail how the muscles work and was able to increase my range of motion in my arms and neck area, thus relieving much of my constant back pain. The massage was only a chair massage offered at my place of business but the time she devoted has me hooked! I am definitely going to make an appointment and come in to see her again asap! Thank you”

– Jenn S

“I just wanted to mention that Shauna Higgins is a great massage therapist. I am a LMT myself & have had many massages. She is very caring & professional & is an asset to your practice.”

– Mary Winch

“I started getting therapeutic massages from Shaunaly Higgins about four weeks ago it was the best decision I ever made. She prepared me for my surgery and is helping me with postoperative recovery. Shawn is very knowledgeable about all areas of therapeutic massage and had gone above and beyond what my expectations were. I look forward to my visit each week and can’t imagine missing a week. I will do anything to make sure that her massages are part of my weekly routine for life”

– Debbie Sena

“This was one of the BEST massages I have had in a long time! Kristin did a GREAT JOB!!!”

– JoAnne Mirigliani

“I received a coupon mailing and decided to give the Massage Club Of Wall a try. Erica was my therapist and was WONDERFUL! She listened and treated me as I asked. She worked all of the spots with relief and relaxation. I will definitely come back and join the massage club!”

– Cheryl Lovelock

“When I first come in, my back and neck are so tight I can hardly move. After Erica uses her “magic” fingers, it is like I can fly. I am so relaxed and can move freely. Wonderful!”

– Sue Henkins

“I have been going to Dr. Tony for many years now and am more than satisfied with his technique and knowledge and results. He has kept me and my body in optimal shape for my profession and running. His staff is super caring too. After excellent full body care one can also get a great massage from his well trained staff. Dr. Tony has the philosophy that whole body is connected and need to treat the whole and not just the part. I give him a 5 star rating.”

– Dr. Liz Wenslauskas

“I have been thrilled with the experience. I have seen Dr. Garrow and the physical therapist for successful treatment of a very severe long term elbow injury; my daughter has been receiving acupuncture for food allergies and running injuries; my good friend has lost 50 pounds in 3 months on Dr. Tony’s weight loss program; and we have all received wonderful massages from the Massage Club of Wall. This is a highly professional office that I would recommend to everyone!”

– Alyson Stout

“Dr. Garrow was recommended to me by a friend. I had never been to a chiropractor so I was nervous at first. Dr. Garrow and his staff made me feel welcome and at ease on the first visit! Marie at the front desk is wonderful – she is always cheerful and remembers everyone’s name! Stacy, one of the massage therapists and Dr. Garrow’s assistant is knowledgeable and caring and really gets to know the patients! And Dr. Garrow is exceptional – he is passionate about his practice and thorough in his work! I have suffered from migraines for years and finally found relief after working with Dr. Garrow. I cannot thank him enough! I would highly recommend Dr. Garrow and his staff!”

– Mary Hoehl

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