Relaxation Massage

The Massage Club of Wall Offers Premium Relaxation Massage

Image3Make the most of your health by seeking out the best Wall NJ relaxation massage. When you choose the Massage Club of Wall, you’ll access truly superior massage services that are performed by licensed massage therapists. You’ll be expertly touched with the perfect amount of pressure for your personal preferences. You may select light, medium or deep pressure, and you may access affordable services through our innovative and unique membership plan. We provide five different membership levels to fit every schedule and budget.

We are proud to offer our valued clientele access to a clean and serene massage facility that includes three private massage rooms and all of the amenities. Massages may be booked by appointment only, in order to ensure that every client receive prompt service that is never rushed.

Other Services that we Offer

In addition to our highly-rated relaxation massage services, we offer a range of other massage types, including therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage and prenatal massage. Because your membership plan will offer you unparalleled flexibility, you’ll be able to enjoy everything that our licensed massage therapists have to offer. Switch around to enjoy different massage styles, or stick with regular sessions of relaxation massage.


By accessing regular massage, you’ll enjoy cumulative health benefits that just keep on coming. Making massage a part of your life will help you to melt away the stress of everyday living. Relaxation massage is all about lying back, resting, and being cared for in a safe and peaceful environment. Once you’ve tried it for yourself, you’ll discover that the benefits of relaxation massage are well worth the small financial investment that you will make.

Enjoy the Highest Standards of Quality

All massage facilities are not created equal. When you choose our company, you’ll get the high standard of quality that you really deserve. Because our massage therapists are hand-picked for their credentials and their friendly, positive attitudes, and because they work under the supervision of medical doctors, they offer the most therapeutic care.

When you choose the Massage Club of Wall, you’ll also save money on the cost of every massage. Instead of paying as you go, you’ll access a cut rate due to your membership status. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy professional massage, without busting your budget, you’ll find that our facility has all of the bells and whistles, without the high rates.

Now that you know more about what our massage club has to offer, why not book your first relaxation massage today? By reaching out to our team via email or telephone, you’ll be able to get the expert guidance that you need. Our experts will recommend a massage membership and massage type that is just right for your personal needs. Because we truly care about your health and wellness, we provide professional massage and superlative customer service, for prices that you can really afford.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your health and wellness by joining our club today. When you do, you’ll feel rejuvenated, rested and relaxed, and you’ll reduce stress, soreness and stiffness. 

To schedule a massage, purchase a membership, or if you have questions, please call 732-974-1474 or contact us today!