Massage Club Memberships

The professionals at Massage Club of Wall NJ understand that different clients have different needs when it comes to paying for their selected massage therapy; five affordable monthly membership plans have been designed so as to fit the widest possible number of situations. Basically, if you want or need to book more than one massage a month, you will find that you get a break on the price.

Simply choose from any of our 5 monthly membership plans below.

Time Length Monthly Price Savings
2 Half Hour Massages $49.95/month over $45
1 One Hour Massage $64.95/month over $15
2 One Hour Massages $97.95/month over $97
2 Ninety Minute Massages $164.95 over $90
4 One Hour Massages $197.95 over $190


Non-Member Price = $90 per hour

Membership processing fee = $30


To schedule a massage, purchase a membership, or if you have questions, please call 732-974-1474 or Contact Us today!