How Much Does Massage Therapy Cost?

If you could have a professional massage every single day, would you do it? A lot of people would answer ‘yes’ right away – if only because their past experiences with massage have been so soothing and enjoyable. Being able to relax into a deep tissue massage therapy session – or one of the many other styles of therapeutic massage – is truly one of life’s great experiences. We live in a world that has plenty of stresses, and these stresses can easily build up in our muscles. The purpose of a professional therapy session is to release those tensions and restore the body to a state of greater health.

But let’s face it – massage therapy costs money. There are certain health insurance programs and medical conditions that help pay for regular massage therapy treatments, but for the most part, people have to finance their own treatments.

If you’re who doesn’t have much experience with massage therapy, you might wonder just how much it costs. Is it something that you could realistically incorporate into your life on a weekly or monthly basis? Or is it something that should be reserved for special occasions and beach getaways?

Let’s get right to it: According to most of the statistics and average you’ll find online, massage therapy services cost about $60 an hour, on average. A one-hour treatment is the standard for a full body therapy session, but there are shorter options that focus on specific areas of the body, such as a 30-minute hand and foot massage, or a 10-minute shoulder rub in a special chair.

Most people also feel like they need to leave a tip for their therapist, and this adds to the expense. For these reasons, a lot of people choose to save that money and spend it on something else. But it’s important to consider that there are important and far-reaching health benefits of professional massage therapy. Signing up for a high-quality is actually an investment in your health. It reduces stress, contributes to calmness and relaxation. If your blood pressure is high, it can bring it down to a healthy level. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, massage therapy has been known to contribute to deeper and more restful sleep. Increased range of motion and flexibility, along with improved posture, are also documented benefits of massage therapy.

Managing the costs of massage therapy really comes down to gauging the health benefits, and finding a treatment schedule that works for you. For some people, weekly treatments are altogether worth it. Others find a monthly treatment to be both affordable and beneficial. Many therapists offer treatment packages that allow you to bring the cost-per-session down by purchasing multiple treatments at once.

Making your dollars count

When it comes to massage therapy, it’s important to think about the costs and the benefits. Maximizing your budget is all about finding a professional who is skilled, trained, talented, and experienced. You will benefit from all of those qualities as you undergo your treatment session, and as you experience the wide-ranging health benefits of professional massage therapy, you’ll know that it’s money well-spent.