Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a form of therapy that is performed with the use of hot stones. The stones are heated at temperatures of between 130℉ and 145℉. The patient or client usually lies on their stomach, exposing the bareback. The therapist then places the hot stones along the spine. Upon coming into contact with the skin, the hot stones dissipate heat and the body absorbs it through the skin. The heat is used to ease muscle tension and spams that make you feel fatigued and rigid. With relaxed muscles, the therapist then applies the appropriate strokes to massage your body. It may feel a little weird to have hot stones placed on your body but in the end, you stand to benefit from the practice in so many ways you may have not known before. This article looks at the benefits that come with a hot stone massage.
Young beautiful woman in spa getting hot stone massage
  • Pain Relief

Muscle spasms and tension are usually very painful because as you try to move the affected body parts, the muscle resists because of rigidity. However, with hot stones easing tension and rigidity, the therapist can now work on those muscles even more. The result is that your muscle pain goes away and you become more flexible. Unlike before, you can move the affected body parts again. Besides, the body produces the feel-good hormone, dopamine and this works by replacing your muscle pain with good sensations.

  • Stress and Anxiety Relief

The hot stones heat your muscles and break down the spasms in your rigid joints and body parts helping you relax and calm your mind. The stress and anxiety you came in with will be gone before you even realize it and within no time, you could even fall asleep on the massage bed. This way, you get to lead a more quality life, free of stress, which is very important for your mental health. You will even be more successful because of improved delivery at work.

  • Improved Circulation

With rigid muscles and spams, the blood vessels in that particular area may be blocked thus slowing or cutting down the circulation of fluid completely. At the same time, blood vessels may be blocked with fat deposits that curtail the proper circulation of fluids through it. At this point in life, you risk suffering from blood circulation related conditions like high blood pressure. However, with hot stones on the body, the heat produced breaks off the fats, spams, and tension, thereby opening up the blood vessels. What follows is a proper and enhanced circulation of fluids. The bonus comes when the therapist applies kneads on the blood vessels, which opens them up even further.

  • Promotes Sleep

Stress, muscle spasms, and anxiety all contribute to insomnia, a condition associated with little or no sleep at all. These are things that are caused by overuse, misuse, or overproduction of the stress hormone, serotonin. The hot stones are used to muscle pains, spasms, and tension. By the time therapist starts working on your body, the remaining spasms, tension and rigidity, all go away. That is not all; the body produces more good feeling hormone, dopamine. Research findings show a close relationship between dopamine and improved sleep patterns. This can also be attributed to the reduced tension and muscle spasms, which make the body more relaxed, while at the same time, producing more dopamine.

  • Enhanced Flexibility

Firm joints make it difficult to travel through everyday exercises. Back rub can help slacken tight joints and the muscles around joints. If you have a physical issue or amazingly close joints, setting hot stones nearby those joints helps relax those regions superior to knead without the utilization of hot stones. With standard hot stone treatment, you will notice your adaptability improves after some time. Your joints will be more flexible, and you will find it simpler to move with less contact and torment.

Hot stone massage is quite beneficial because it enhances flexibility, eliminates pain, promotes sleep, and helps you deal with stress and anxiety. These are good benefits that should make you consider getting a hot stone massage. When you make that decision, you have to choose the best therapist in town if you want to make the most out of your hot stone massage. Vetting a few stone massage therapists and verifying their credentials can help you choose the best therapist in town. When you land a good one, stick with them because it is not always easy to find a great massage therapist.