Is In-Home Massage Therapy Worth It?

Massage therapy has for a long time been considered a luxury that only the rich can enjoy. However, due to its many health benefits, massage therapy has gained a lot of momentum in the recent past as a normal health routine for many people. Most people admit that they would love to have massage therapy but unfortunately, they do not have time to drive to their favorite spa very often.

This is where in house massage comes in; to save you the hassles of having to beat the traffic to enjoy the massage and drive back home. For this reason, in house massage is slowly becoming the new trend in massage therapy. This article gives the benefits of in-home massage session

  • You Have a Sense of Control
in home massage therapy on an elderly lady
Sometimes massage spas, even your favorite do not have the right ambiance that we would consider ideal for your ultimate relaxation. Having a massage from the comfort of your house allows you to set the mood as you see it fit. You can adjust the lighting, arrangement, the air conditioning or you could even play your favorite music. Although you are allowed to speak up in a massage spa, you may still not be confident enough to demand such things because you lack the sense of ownership. However, at your house, you are the boss.

  • You Enjoy More Attention

Even though massage therapy ought to take a specific amount of time, a therapist may speed up the session to take in other people waiting in the spa lounge. This only works against you because the therapist does not have enough time to work on your body. With an in house massage, the therapist has no choice but to dedicate the entire session to your body needs because there is no one waiting in the queue. This, therefore, gives you the advantage of enjoying the full benefits of massage therapy.

  • There is More Privacy

The key to having a great massage is being comfortable as much as possible. Since a massage spa is a public place, some people may not feel comfortable being half-naked. This only makes manipulation of your body a challenge and they will end up not enjoying the full benefits of massage. An in house massage, on the other hand, is performed right from your house, and this gives you the comfort and confidence to dress however you feel fit. This gives you an opportunity for the therapist to manipulate your entire body for the maximum massage benefits.

  • It is Suitable for Special Needs and Occasions

In-home massage therapy is best suitable for people who cannot make to commute to the spa for one reason or another. Such people could be disabled, sick, and very old to drive or they could be partially incapacitated with conditions like arthritis. Such people benefit the most from an in-home massage because if they were to commute to a spa, this would only end up making their condition worse because of fatigue and stress due to traffic jams.

  • You Enjoy the Full Benefits of Massage

In-home massage therapy does not involve you commuting to the spa. This, therefore, means that you do not have to beat the traffic jam to and from the spa. This allows you to relax fully after the massage session, giving you a chance to reap the full benefits of the therapy. Being in your house allows you to schedule the session during the time that works best for you. You do not have to have the session in the morning then go to work drained out of energy and smelling of fresh essential oils. The best thing about in-home massage therapy is that you can even fall asleep right after the massage therapy. Having a massage session in a spa is different; you have to wake up from the massage bed and drive home, feeling fatigued.

An in-home massage does not mean that you should do away with the spa massage. It is just an alternative to the spa massage when you do not feel like leaving the house or when the time factor is not in your favor. In-home massage therapy has its cons because if for example, you have kids in the house, they can always interrupt the session. Landing a great, licensed and certified massage therapist can help enhance the experience of an in-home massage therapy because you can comfortably entrust them with your privacy without having to worry about your safety.