How do I find a quality Massage Therapist?

Massage is no longer only offered at spas or in professional locker rooms. You can get a massage at many medical offices, the mall or even in many airports. With all these options in such a variety of settings, how do you find a good quality massage therapist?

APP-Best-of-2012The simplest question that you can ask of any potential therapist provider is if their therapists are licensed. (Not every state has licensing but they do have some form of regulation be it certification, licensing or registration.) NJ has recently instituted a new license for massage therapists. Therefore every therapist that you see may not have finished obtaining this license yet, but they should be in the process.

Licensing does not guarantee a talented therapist but at least you know that they have completed the required training and are in good standing in the professional community.

Word of mouth is the best advertising. It is also the best way to find a talented therapist in the field of so many out there. Talk to your friends and colleagues who get massages. Their recommendations can be worth hours of research.

And finally once you have some names of people or places, try them out. Some therapists are a better fit for different people. We each have our own style and preferences. Massage can benefit everyone and there is a therapist out there for you.

At the Massage Club of Wall, we have a staff of licensed therapists. Each is well trained in multiple disciplines and provides a quality massage. You are sure to find a therapist that is the right fit for you and your massage therapy needs. Another benefit of the MCOW over the big chains is less turn over and therefore the opportunity to have consistent treatment from the therapist of your choice.