Can Massage Help Get Rid of Muscle Spasms?

A muscle spasm is the pain you feel because of overstretching and overworking a muscle. Sometimes the pain could be one time, in which case it is referred to as a twitch. Sometimes the pain could persist for quite some time, in which case it is known as muscle cramps. Spasms usually occur unexpectedly and can sometimes be so painful that you cannot move the affected area with ease. If you have had or have been having these pains for some time, it is time you had a massage since this can help alleviate muscle spasms. This article looks at how a massage can help get rid of muscle spasms.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

Overworking and overstretching the muscles can lead to chronic spasms. A deep tissue massage is ideal for people who have chronic muscle spasms because it focuses on the deep tissues in the muscles. A therapist performs it using elbows, knuckles, and fists. This type of massage helps to get rid of muscle spasms by reducing stiffness, tension and inflammation as well as increasing lymphatic flow, all of which are the main causes of muscle spasms. Stiffness and inflammation cause immobility of the muscle while reduced lymphatic flow is responsible for pain. A deep tissue massage can eliminate these issues, helping you get rid of muscle spasms.

  • Swedish Massage Therapy

Also known as light tissue massage, this type of massage is performed by applying moderate pressure on the areas of focus. It is performed the same way as deep tissue massage only that this type of massage is used to get rid of mild muscle spasms, known as twitches. By applying moderate pressure on the areas with mild spasms, inflammation, stiffness and tension lymphatic flow is enhanced, leading to relief.  This helps reduce muscle spasms in the long run.

  • Remedial Massage 

Muscle spasms can occur from time to time, depending on the kind of work you are involved in. Your work may involve you working out your muscles, causing you to experience muscle spasms from time to time. Since it may be hard to change your job overnight, remedial massage will help deal with this problem that keeps occurring. This will eventually increase blood and lymphatic flow and this helps to reduce the pain you experience when these spasms occur. Sometimes the spasms could be because of waste build up in the area of focus, something that remedial massage helps with.

  • Sports Massage

If you are a sports personality, you are always involved in vigorous physical activities that could overwork the muscles, especially the legs and the most active body parts. This over-stretching of muscles could sometimes result in muscle spasms due to the buildup of lactic acid. Sometimes the muscles could swell, hence impacting the smooth flow of lymphatic wastes, something that causes muscle spasms, resulting in lots of pains. But with sports massage, this entire problem is a thing of the past since massage improves the smooth flow of lymph and blood and this, in turn, reduces muscle spasms.

  • Heat, Cold and Pressure Massage

When a muscle is swollen or experiences inflammation, the nerve endings in that particular part of the body react by being over sensitive and you experience this pain when you have a muscle spasm. Sometimes massage therapists can apply hot and cold pressure to stop muscle inflammation by reducing the sensitivity of the nerves in that part. Hot stone massage is the most common form of hot massage done to help with this problem. Reduced muscle inflammation and over sensitivity of the nerves help in reducing muscle spasms.

  • Aromatherapy

This is the use of essential oils in performing massage therapy. These oils have clinical benefits in that they help reduce muscle inflammation as well as helping with muscle relaxation by reducing tension in the focus area. Reduced muscle inflammation and stiffness results in minimized tension, hence the muscle spasms go away. Besides, the oils help in moisturizing and relaxation of the nerves in the areas of focus and this helps in alleviating pain during muscle spasms.

As seen on this article, massage can help get rid of muscle spasms. However, if you experience muscle spasms, it is good that you first see a physiotherapist so that they can recommend to you the most appropriate type of massage to help with this problem. Furthermore, it is wise to first confirm the experience, license, and reviews of the therapist so that you do not expose your body to a quack that will just make things worse.

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