What Makes Us Different?

Our therapists are trained in many massage techniques, including:

massage club of wall therapeutic massage by certified therapists
The massages are performed in one of three private rooms located in a wellness-oriented office. The club is overseen by Dr. Garrow who has worked with massage therapists for over ten years and has seen the great results of massage. He makes himself available to all massage clients, should they have any questions or concerns about their health.


Dr. Garrow, owner of Massage Club of Wall, has won the Osprey Award for Outstanding Community Service.

What are the benefits of massage?

Reduced stress levels; relaxation; pain relief.

How does Massage Club Membership work?

After trying us out at a very competitive rate, you can choose from 5 different (month to month) membership plans. Similar to a gym membership, the monthly rate of your chosen plan will automatically be deducted from a bank account or credit card of your choosing (Auto-Debit).


To schedule a massage, purchase a membership, or if you have questions,
please call 732-974-1474 or contact us today!