3 Ways to Choose Your Next Massage Therapist

Massage therapy has been popular for a long time, but lately it’s been picking up steam like never before. As the benefits of professional massage are better understood by medical science and the general public, quality practitioners have come into particularly high demand. More young people are entering the field, and new massage therapy schools are popping up all over the map. What does this mean for people who are looking to try massage therapy, or anyone who happens to be looking for a new therapist?

Basically, it means there are more options than ever. Depending on where you live, there could be dozens or even hundreds of massage therapists in your immediate area. The thing is, you probably know from personal experience that not all massage therapy sessions are created equal. Even people with limited experience know that the skill and experience of the practitioner are hugely important to the overall quality of the massage.

The question is, how should you go about choosing your next massage therapist? What’s the best way to make sure you get somebody who knows what they’re doing that you receive the best quality treatment? Here are three ways:

1. Ask a friend

Given how popular massage therapy has become, you probably have more than one friend of family member who has been in for a treatment lately. Getting a recommendation (or a ‘thumbs down’) from someone you trust is still a good way to find skilled and talented therapists in your area.

2. Google it

This is, of course, what most of us do these days whenever we need information. Finding a good massage therapy specialist through Google is not automatic, however – it may require a little digging. Key in on therapists who have built high review scores across several different social media and review channels, such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google itself. Read reviews and look for signs that this is the kind of a professional you’d like to work with. Most therapists will also have their own web sites that give you a closer look at who they are as professionals.

3. Look for promotions

It’s not always the best approach, but looking for promotions can sometimes work out in your favor. For example, new therapists who are very talented (but don’t have much experience yet) might offer very good promotions. Why? Because they’re trying to build up their clientele and make a name for themselves. You can be part of that process of helping new therapist and spreading the word – that is, if they have the skills and tools to deliver a high-quality treatment!

Reaching for a higher level of treatment

People seek massage therapy for many reasons, from deep relaxation to recovery from a specific injury. Others have a chronic condition that benefits greatly from professional treatments. Whatever your goals, there’s no reason to settle for anything but the highest level of professional skill. That can be difficult today when so many therapists are pouring into the industry, not all of whom will be there for long. Follow the trail of experience, training, and good reviews in the community. That’s how you consistently find the best massage therapist, and take full advantage of the many benefits of this wonderful healing art.