3 Types of Therapeutic Massage You Should Try

Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes. But does this hold true when it comes to therapeutic massage? If you’re like a lot of people, you look for the type of therapy that works for you, and you stick with that. This way, you always know (more or less) what to expect. You know what the experience is going to be like, and there are no surprises.

Studies have shown that getting new type of massage from a new practitioner can actually be a stressful experience for a lot of people. Sticking to the “tried and true” makes a lot of sense. But having the same kind of therapeutic massage every time – although it does eliminate the “unknown” factor – can also prevent you from discovering new types of therapy that could work very well in your personal wellness regimen.

Whatever your favorite happens to be, here are 3 types of therapeutic massage you should definitely try at some point:

1. Deep tissue massage

This is a lot like Swedish massage (which is the most popular method of massage therapy today); but it involves more pressure, and a deeper release of tension on the muscular system. Underlying layers of fascia, tendons and muscle tissue are targeted in order to bring about a deep restorative experience.

2. Thai massage

Thai massage doesn’t revolve around the familiar “pressing” and “kneading” movements of Swedish or deep tissue massage. Instead, it’s a technique for which the client is dressed in loose and comfortable clothing, and it relies on assisted stretches and postures that release built-up muscular tension and serve to detoxify the body. Think of Thai massage as a kind of “assisted yoga” session – but it’s important to know that the experience can be just as relaxing as other types of massage, and very little effort is required of the patient.

3. Sports massage

A lot of people are making sports a bigger part of their lives these days, whether it’s rock climbing, tennis, martial arts, or any number of other sports. That means more people are in needed of relief from sports-related soreness and injuries. Sports massage is a blend of highly specialized techniques designed to heal and prevent injury, create greater relaxation, and ultimately improve athletic performance. A post-workout sports massage can be a highly beneficial way to relax and rejuvenate after a long week of tough workouts and/or competitions.

Are you ready to expand your horizons in the world of massage therapy?

If you’ve experienced the positive benefits of massage therapy in your life, there’s a definite argument for broadening your horizons and trying a new type of therapeutic massage. Any reputable therapy center will be happy to answer specific questions and give you reliable information on the types of massage they offer, and which ones might be best suited to you and your lifestyle. Just make sure you’re dealing with a professionally trained and highly reputable therapist – that’s how you know you’re getting the real deal, no matter what type of therapy you choose.